Our Town Now

Our Town Now

Biloela  is the ‘capital’ of the Banana Shire, situated West of Gladstone and South of Rockhampton .  

The region boasts diverse industry and blossoms with potential. Industries in the region include several significant coal mines, two power stations, beef processing works, a large piggery, and extensive grazing and farming enterprises. Crops include wheat, mung beans, lucerne, and sorghum.

Small boutique type enterprises have flourished in recent years and include fish and red claw farming, squab farming and processing, and herb industries. Biloela is the largest business and service Centre in the Shire boasting a variety of business and services.         http://censusdata.abs.gov.au/census_services/getproduct/census/2011/quickstat/UCL314005? ◊ Population:       People  5,808    Male  2,963  Female  2,845   Median age  32  Median weekly household income   $1,606 Median monthly mortgage repayments  $1,733  Median weekly rent  $204  Biloela Boasts low Unemployed 3.4%   Queensland 6.1%  Australia 5.6% 

Biloela offers locals professional  of doctors, dentist, accountants, lawyers and other business and a sound choice of service providers.

Government services such as Department of Agriculture and Fisheries DAF and a Queensland Government Agency; and Centrelink are situated in Biloela.

Biloela boasts 1 State secondary school; a private school K to Grade 10; and three primary schools with several primary schools in proximate vicinity, pre-schools, prep school, kindergartens and child care centres. A Family day care network is available throughout the region.

Real Estate:              

Real estate offers commercial; domestic and rural opportunities for lifestyle; income and investors to acquire property in the town and vicinity taking advantage of the region’s rapid stable economic and social environment.

FOR YOUR REAL ESTATE NEEDS VISIT:                       

http://firstnationalbiloela.com.au/     raywhitebiloela.com.au                             http://sheppardrural.com.au    

Transport to and from Biloela:

The convenience of Sunday-Friday flights to and from Brisbane, with  Fly Corporate is one of our real advantages of living in and around Biloela.

Connect to:  http://flycorporate.com.au   &    https://agents.helloworld.com.au/helloworld-biloela 

  Hello World Biloela will confirm Biloela/Thangool Airport services.

The airport is located at the township of Thangool which is 11 km south of Biloela where parking is FREE. There are no food catering facilities at the airport, but drinks are available through a vending machine.

Hire cars: Hertz, Avis, Thrifty are available at the Airport with personnel there to facilitate hiring. Taxi hire:  Biloela Taxi Service: 4992 4444.

The BP Service Station in Thangool provides fast  food; papers and magazines; snacks and drinks and the post office.

Bus/Coach Services: Biloela to Rockhampton; Biloela to Brisbane Monday Wednesdays and Fridays    Itinerary Bus Queensland    https://www.busqld.com.au/

Callide Coaches offers a service between Biloela and Gladstone on Monday and Wednesday and Biloela and Maryborough, Qld, on Wednesdays & Fridays, call 1300 790 599, bookings essential.

 Health Services  

Biloela hospital provides emergency and outpatient clinics; as well as inpatient maternity; surgical & medical services; as well as houses an allied health/community health service; & a radiography service. A quality community nursing service supporting our local hospital and GP’s.

EMERGENCY SERVICES: Biloela is well serviced by  Queensland Ambulance Service; Queensland Police Service; well equipped  Fire Station and SES group;  with a capable and enthusiastic group of dedicated volunteers who supports the health and emergency needs of residents and visitors.

Banana Shire Support Centre    open 9am-5pm weekdays.. Shop 1A 58 Kariboe St, Biloela QLD 4715     (07) 4992 3322 Biloela Emergency Accommodation offers assistance with accommodation related issues including disputes with landlord/agent, assistance with Housing Queensland, emergency accommodation for women escaping domestic violence, information, support and referral for any of the above issues. Financial emergency relief related to accommodation crises is also available. Free counselling service and court support service to victims and perpetrators of domestic family violence is also available.


Government  Agencies Office   Kariboe St Biloela    Biloela Centrelink Office     Office Type: Customer Service Centre 49 Grevillea Street   Biloela, Queensland 4715 Hours of Operation    Monday -Friday  8:30 to 4:30 (Closed12:30 to 1:30)       Biloela Magistrates Court  Phone:  (07) 4992 0700  Fax:  (07) 4992 0705 Postal address:  PO Box 781 BILOELA  QLD  4715 Address:  Cnr Grevillea and Melton Streets  BILOELA  QLD  4715 General opening hours Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm

ARTS CULTURE & Festivals     file:///C:/Users/Di%20Morris/Pictures/christmas%20festival%20video%20.htm 

Rural life offers diverse cultural and lifestyle opportunities, fun and companionship. The Callide Valley is rich with talent in such fields as fine arts, craft, dance, and food  appreciation. Our region offers a surplus of skill, talent and produce in a combination that is unique in its diversity.


Callide Valley Lions Club Glass recycling


Biloela also boasts strong community service organizations who volunteer; host and assist with events; fundraising for and with our community. Numerous Religious needs are met; community organizations established to assist with our lifestyle.

Click here to see the Community Directory, for clubs/associations/ societies/groups/churches/non-profit services etc of the Biloela area (75 listed so far!).


Biloela’s Civic Centre  is an ideal venue for a conference; wedding; party; ball; entertainment even; celebration or funeral.  The modern air cooled facility with a seating capacity of 970 in the main auditorium; which is dividable, and may be serviced by the inside bar and modern kitchen. It also has direct access to the large courtyard with barbeque facilities, amenities, & a bar. The Supper room  seats 200, with access to the courtyard, and is serviced by a full modern kitchen; but also has direct access to the large courtyard with barbeque facilities, amenities, & a bar. The  210 square metre elegant entrance and foyer displays some of the Banana Shire’s art collection; and the air conditioned foyer bar doubles as a meeting area. The Civic Centre also has ample FREE parking and attractive gardens and outdoor pergola area especially designed for that outdoor wedding ceremony. For Bookings or enquiries:          contact Civic Centre Management:  functions.civic@gmail.com


Biloela boasts a multitude of options and quality sport and recreational facilities. 

Sakura Ryu Jujitsu - the juniors - at Biloela PCYC.  
The Biloela PCYC has a Bodyshop gymnasium, & hosts ju jitsu 
(very popular, that’s just the junior class, above), basketball, boxing, gym circuit, aerobics, yoga, karate, trampoline, & an outside school hours care 
“Strings AttachedBiloela’s 

 Sailing on Callide 
   Dam A peaceful end to the day - fishing at sunset at Lake Callide. 
A peaceful end to the day – fishing at sunset at Lake Callide.   

The Thangool Race Club is situated 7 kms south of Biloela; hosting regular 
For table and marquee bookings (no cost) email Edwina ... admin@thangoolraceclub.com.au or phone 07 4995 8190 
2017 Race Days
 8 April  3 June 
22 July  
9 September
 (Thangool Cup) 
21 October  
2 December 

Biloela’s Community Resource Centre includes a conference room which seats up to 35.  This multi-purpose community centre serves as a gathering place for families with children who have special needs. 
It enables access to respite and services such as speech therapy, physiotherapy and assessment specialists.  Redeemer Lutheran Primary School's band performing in Biloela Shoppingworld - just one of our local musical ensembles.        

Redeemer Lutheran Primary School’s band performing in Biloela Shoppingworld – just one of our local musical 
 A home in Ebony Way, Biloela - photograph supplied by First National Real Estate Biloela, Biloela, central Queensland, Australia. 
Above: some examples of recently built 
Biloela homes       
courtesy of First National Real Estate Biloela)

Education  Biloela is the Hub of Banana Shire and the Callide Valley with education facilities ranging from Kindergartens and 
Pre-Schools to Tertiary education. 
Biloela Kindergarten has served the families of Biloela and surrounds for over 50 years and is located in Kariboe Street, Biloela.
Coo-Inda Kindergarten was donated to the Biloela community by Callide Power Station, when the expansion to Callide B and C Power station occurred, and is located in Lawrence Street, Biloela. 
The Banana Shire Community Resource Centre located in Rainbow 
Street, Biloela provides support and educational resources for 
persons living with a disability, either congenital or through 
illness and has been an inspiring and valuable resource to the 
whole Shire. 
State Schools Within easy driving distance from Biloela; are  
providing education in a distinctly rural and community connected
manner that parents find desirable. 
Mount Murchison State Primary School affectionately called 
Mt. Murchie stands proudly on the Dawson Highway approximately 10 klms east of Biloela. 
Thangool State Primary School and Pre-School situated 11kms south of Biloela on the Burnett Highway. 
Prospect Creek State Primary School approximately 7 kms west of 
Biloela on the Dawson Highway. 
Biloela State High School: School Buses commute from all areas to deliver High School students to the major High school in Biloela and the Banana Shire – the Biloela State High School catering 
for approximately 600 to 700 students. BHS provides a high 
standard of education and citizenship and is highly valued within the Banana Shire. 
Private School Education facilities. 
St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary and Pre-School is located in 
Rainbow Street, Biloela and has served Biloela over 75 years. 
Initially providing an education to Biloela primary school 
students, it also served in its early years as a boarding school for students from outlying areas. Valued for its Christian 
teachings and high standard of education, St. Joeys also excels 
in sports; arts and civic pride. 
Redeemer Lutheran College was a later entry to the education 
enclave, and commenced as a Primary and Pre-School facility in 
Collard Street, Biloela. Growing from strength to strength, 
Redeemer College now proudly delivers K to High 10, with plans to include High 12 in the near future. The addition of the Year 10 classes has relieved many parents wanting a private education 
from either sending their children to Boarding School or moving 
the family to a bigger centre such as Brisbane. 
The Biloela CQU Study Hub formerly the TAFE Campus is located 
beside Banana Shire Council Administration Building on Valentine Plains Road, Biloela.   Now firmly established, the Study hub 
provides face to face educators and internet access for a range 
of tertiary studies. 
GAGAL in Biloela:  www.gagal.com.au    
Central Queensland Apprentices and Trainees is a division of 
Gladstone Area Group Apprentices and Trainees.  GAGAL is a long 
term local entity trusted with the training of our regions future trades people. 
For more information re community links 
contact the Banana ShireCommunity Directory  
Click here to see the Community Directory, for clubs/associations/ societies/groups/churches/non-profit services etc. in the 
Biloela area    http://www.mycommunitydirectory.com.au/queensland/banana/education


     Winning as a  ‘Satellite’ town

The liveability of Biloela is about more than just the sum of its parts:

• A sustainable population of more than 6,000 people; projected to remain stable
• An impressive range of employment, health, sporting and cultural facilities for a rural community
• Real lifestyle opportunities in one of the best sub-tropical climates in Australia;
• Affordable housing and industrial land;          
• Strong community and social networks;
• Central location on the cross roads of Burnett and Dawson Highways and easy accessibility with road, and daily air networks.
• Available water at Callide and Kroombit Dams
• A resilient economy; due to its multifaceted industry makeup
Winning as a Satellite town:
• Biloela is a ‘satellite town’ to Gladstone and Rockhampton and proudly so.
• Being second or ‘satellite’ does not mean second rung or second place; it means Biloela enjoys all of the benefits of being within arm’s reach of these 2 cities; but free from the constraints of big city living.
• It means being grounded by Biloela’s own rich legacies, yet experiencing the freedom that comes from being surrounded by open space and open air.
• More than that, it is about having the unbridled ability to think clearly and create a life with wellness at its core.
• Is less congested, has lower real estate costs and appealing environments and quality of life.

Real Estate Agents to assist you investing in Biloela and surrounds.. 


http://raywhitebiloela.com.au/            http://www.sheppardrural.com.au/

List of Businesses in Biloela:       Copy of Bilo Businesses updated 21.02.17

Recent economic change has demonstrated the need for a future strategic direction in for Biloela that enables businesses and the community to transform the economic, environmental and social prospects.
Efforts to shape this future direction can benefit from a sound understanding of Biloela’s current conditions and context and from the experiences of other satellite towns that have undergone similar adjustments and transformations. As a satellite town Biloela is unique but not alone.

Visiting Biloela?    There’s no U  in Biloela                 we’re missing you!!

Visiting Biloela? There’s no U in Biloela we’re missing you!!


       Biloela Enterprise Inc Recognizing Banana Shire Council Sandstone Wonders promotion of Banana Shire.

Welcome  to Biloela the “capital” of and administrative centre of the Banana Shire.

Biloela is situated in the fertile Callide Valley in Central Queensland.
Whilst in Biloela, take the opportunity to immerse yourself in some of the “Simple Pleasures” we have to offer.  Explore our cultural roots and pioneering heritage, discover the diversity of our industries, immerse yourself in our rural landscapes and see the natural wonders on offer. Indulge in our local lifestyle and enjoy the many leisure activities we have on offer.
THE GANGULU people of the Dawson and Callide Valley were registered in 1977 as native titleholder of the Gangulu traditional lands. These lands include the township of Biloela, so named after the Gangulu tribe’s name for the white Cockatoo.

  To obtain a Banana Shire Tour Guide, with maps, district attractions, accommodation and eating options, please contact:
RV Centre & Rural Hinterland Information & Visitor Centre, phone 07 4992 2400.             open hours 9.00am and 4.00pm daily or   Email: rhvic@bigpond.com
Website: www.ruralhinterlandvic.com.au  
Biloela Information Centre   07 49922405  open daily 9am                   
              Informative  http://sandstonewonders.com.au       

    • Visit the local cafes and bistros……good coffee; good food at the local cafes, restaurants; & bakeries. 
    open for breakfast from 5am daily and Sunday morning
  • Local Shopping ….
Wander around the shops for gifts; souvenirs and local craft;
and of course those everyday needs… haircut; newspapers; refuel; pharmacies; food; beverages, books
  • • Visit our library & Art Gallery … books/dvd; experience local and visitor art displays
    Talk to the locals in the ‘pub’……meet the locals & our visitors of all nationalities…
    • Biloela Walkways and Bikeways…. stroll or be serious! but enjoy the walkways and bikeways
    that surrounds the town of Biloela… (nearly 20kms)
Bird Watching at Lake Callide
Our namesake Biloela ‘white cockatoo’ are sure to be there especially at dawn or dusk…see if you name others
Go Fishing; redclawing; kayaking; water skiing; sailing ………
Lake Callide
• Swim at the Pool Olympic Size; 25 metre and kids pool …enjoy the swim! And exercise classes too…
Experience our Heritage……walk or drive from point to point…start at the ‘old cemetery’ on Gladstone Rd; onto Greycliffe Homestead; turn right into State Farm Rd and witness “Spirit of the Land” Mural depicting Gondwana Land, Indigenous occupation and its settlement…now there’s a story!!! More heritage and interesting objects…
• Queensland Heritage Park open every day….9-4 R/V centre and the coffee; treats; hospitality and souvenirs are second to none.
• Explore Mt Scoria it is the only mountain of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, located just 18km south-west from Biloela.     Head south towards Thangool and follow the signs.   Take a picnic basket with you though!!!  and walking shoes…
This amazing rock formation was once the core of a volcano.
The long six-sided basalt columns that project outwards from the top of the mountain are what makes Mt Scoria so unique. Enjoy the short walk around the base of the mountain, informative signs tell you the story. Then take time to have a cuppa and something to eat in the picnic area. Toilets available on site.

Picnic and BBQ in our Parks or Lake Callide………Dawson Park for the views; Lions or Melton Park for the kids
(Lions Park sit on Bille Browns’ director Chair; or use the Liberty swing Melton park for its Maze; and Lake Callide for the scenery..  BBQ’s; shelters and toilets available.

• Play bowls; tennis or a round of golf ….. if you have the gear you’re sure to be welcomed.. contact information Centres for these locations..
Regular events:                          
• Markets in the Park;   Biloela Bowls Club … every 3rd Saturday 7am
• Races….   Thangool races every second month 11 kms south of Biloela A3 highway ..        
     Spirit of the Land Mural     Along State Farm Road, you will find the ‘Spirit of the Land’ Mural.  It tells the story of women from two different cultures connecting to celebrate the historical timeline of this district from Prehistoric beginnings up until 1928.
            Queensland Heritage Park                      
The Queensland Heritage Park Complex & RV Centre open every day; rhvic@bigpond.com 9.00am and 4.00pm; is located on Exhibition Avenue. This facility celebrates our pioneering heritage with displays of vintage machinery, historical memorabilia and items from a bygone era.   Refreshments are available in the café and souvenirs abound in the gift shop. Free electric BBQ’s, picnic tables and ample off-street parking are available; and has a waste dump point:
Queensland Heritage Park – Cnr Dawson Highway and Exhibition Avenue.
******  Potable water top-ups are also available at the complex.
THE OLD WHEELS IN MOTION RALLY IS HELD AT THE COMPLEX ON THE THIRD WEEKEND IN JULY EACH YEAR!!        www.cdmpc.com.au/old_wheels_in_motion_rally.htm
              Greycliffe Homestead
Discover how the early pioneers lived as you browse through a century old wooden slab station homestead.  This building was relocated from Greycliffe and was the original home of the Nott family. Situated on Lawrence Street, Greycliffe Homestead is open by appointment.  Phone: (07) 49923959 and (07) 49922033    
• Lion’s Park – Cnr Cooper Street and Dawson Highway.
• Melton Park – Melton Street.
• Across the road from the Bottom Pub – Callide Street.
• Kariboe Street – in School of Arts Park
Biloela Shopping World – Gladstone Road.
• Beside Target – Cnr Kariboe Street and Road.
• Queensland Heritage Park – Cnr Dawson Highway and Exhibition Avenue.
• Foodworks Gladstone Road 

Accommodation Providers:


Web or Street Address

Email Address or Phone Number

Apollo Motel

Disability Accommodation

www.apollo.com.au contactus@apollo.com.au
Biloela Centre Motel 62 Grevillea Street, Biloela 4715 Phone: (07) 49922622
Biloela Countryman Motel www.biloelacountryman.com.au countryman@netspace.net.au
Biloela Hotel Motel 60 Callide Street, Biloela 4715 Phone; (07) 49921514
Biloela Palms Motel Disability Accommodation www.biloelapalms.com.au bilopalm@hudos.com.au
Callide Motor Inn Disability Accommodation www.callidemotorinn.com.au info@callidemotorinn.com.au
Commercial Hotel 64 Kariboe Street, Biloela 4715 Phone: (07) 49921603
Countryman Motel www.countryman.com.au countryman@netspace.com.au
Discovery Parks www.discoveryparks.com.au biloela.manager@discoveryparks.com.au
On Kariboe 4 Star Cabins www.onkariboe.com.au didon@tpg.com.au
Raintree Motel 2-4 Clarke Drive, Biloela 4715 Phone: 49924099
Red Steer Hotel Motel Thangool 31-35 Ramsay Street, Thangool 4716 Phone: (07) 49958207Fax: (07) 49958307
Settlers Motor Inn Disability Accommodation 60 Dawson Highway, Biloela 4715 Phone: (07) 49922933
Silo Motor Inn 

Disability Accommodation 

www.silomotorinn@people.net.au silomotorinn@people.net.au
Space Caravan Park 48 Dawson Highway, Biloela 4715 Phone:49921450
Sun Valley Motel 

Disability Accommodation

www.sunvalleymotel.com.au info@sunvalleymotel.com.au

To obtain a Banana Shire Touring Guide, with maps, district attractions, accommodation and eating options, please contact:

Rural Hinterland Information & Visitor Centre, on 07 4992 2400.

or    Biloela Information Centre   07 49922405

Informative links:     www.banana.qld.gov.au   

 The Banana Shire provides tourists with a vast array of opportunities to experience regional Queensland.

To obtain further information about tourism attractions in Biloela and the Banana Shire, please visit our Rural Hinterland Visitor Information Centre and located at;

Queensland Heritage Park Complex,  Exhibition Avenue, Biloela.

Contact the Centre on   Ph: (07) 4992 2400    Email: rhvic@bigpond.com 

                            Website: www.ruralhinterlandvic.com.au

or    Biloela Information Centre   Gladstone Road Biloela;    Ph: (07)  49922405

Primary & Resource Industries

Primary & Resource Industries


The fertile Callide Valley supports a wide range of agricultural produce.


A number of large industries are supported by Callide and Kroombit Dams.

Lake Callide is located 12 kilometres from Biloela via sealed road and                          approximately 90 kilometres south-west of Gladstone via the Dawson Highway.
History    (information taken from http://www.sunwater.com.au/ )
Callide Dam was constructed in 1965 with the capacity of the dam increased with the construction of a second stage in 1988. Coal mining, beef production, power generation, dryland cropping and irrigation cropping such as lucerne and cotton are the Shire’s major industries.
Uses of Water
Irrigation water is supplied from groundwater reserves in the valley to irrigated agriculture including dairy, winter and summer cereal cropping and lucerne.
Urban Water Supplies
The Banana Shire Council draws water from the Callide Dam for the township of Biloela.
SunWater supplies water to a number of large industries located in the Callide Valley including the Callide Power Station and a meatworks.
Major Storages
Water is released from Callide (136,700 ML) and Kroombit dams (14,600 ML) to downstream controlling structures, from which water percolates into the underlying aquifers. Water is supplied to the majority of customers in the valley from these aquifers.

While compact, the Callide Dam provides visitors with rewarding fishing – especially for golden perch (yellowbelly) and has in recent times been well stocked with barramundi. Red-claw is abundant and it’s well worth placing (tagged) traps for a catch of the tasty crayfish. A variety of other freshwater species are available to you and anglers report good success from bank fishing though the boat ramps make this an ideal spot for to launch a boat and follow the fish with a sounder.

   Both irrigation and dry land farming operates in the Callide Valley.  Crops include Wheat; Sorghum; Lucerne; Cotton; Mung Beans; Chick Peas; & Herbs

Beef production flourishes in this environment and the beef industry is supported by the operation of Teys Bros Pty Ltd located on the outskirts’ of Biloela.   Teys Biloela employs employees; and is actively involved in resettlement of refugees to stabilize the workforce.

www.teysaust.com.au/teys-australia/sites   Ph:   07  49921888.


The Biloela Saleyards holds auctions on a regular basis. The Saleyards are located on the corner of Callide Street and Quarrie Road, opposite the Callide Valley Agricultural and Pastoral Showgrounds.                                                                                              

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Biloela-  Saleyards/548460025268836


Photography by Sally Chillcott

The Gourmet Garden Herb Hub;         www.gourmetgarden.com    

Callide Valley Farmers are the backbone of Gourmet Garden; and this industry

is the newest of primary industries for the Callide Valley.

    The majority of our herbs are grown around Biloela, in central Queensland, which has the optimal growing conditions for green leafy herbs.  Gourmet Garden products are now sold internationally; but available everywhere as Gourmet Garden.

Aussie Squab Pty Ltd: The squab industry in Central Queensland is now a thriving industry offering would-be producers or investors the opportunity to become involved in a well established, sound, proven and profitable enterprise with excellent prospects for future development and expansion.  Growers around Biloela and Thangool. In 2010 an abattoir was established and continues to function today; delivering squab to the Sydney Chinese restaurants.  Opportunities currently exist for those who would consider becoming involved in this industry.  For further information and contacts:   http://www.aussiesquab.com.au/index.htm

                 Callide Power Station:  CS Energy        http://www.csenergy.com.auCallide Power Station

The Callide Power Station is situated 18 kilometres east of Biloela in central Queensland and uses coal-fired power generation to supply baseload electricity to Australia’s national grid. Callide Power Station is comprised of Callide A, B and the Callide Power Plant (Callide C).

Callide A, now decommissioned; was originally constructed in 1965, & was refurbished and recommissioned in April 1998, and was the site of the world leading low emissions coal demonstration research project.  http://www.csenergy.com.au/content-(43)-callide-oxyfuel-project.htm  

Callide B Power Station was commissioned in 1988 and continues to supply reliable electricity to Australia’s national market; with 210 employees.

The 810-megawatt (MW) Callide Power Plant (Callide C) was commissioned in 2001, doubling the generating capacity of the Callide site. Callide C was the first supercritical coal-fired power station in Australia. CS Energy owns Callide C in a 50/50 joint venture arrangement with InterGen.

Together Callide A, B and C can generate up to 1,630 megawatts of electricity, which is enough to power about 2 million homes.

Callide Mine  Batchfire Resources Pty Ltd     https://www.batchfire.com.au

Callide Coal Mine is an open cut mining operation providing low sulphur, sub-bituminous thermal coal primarily for Queensland’s domestic power generation and Alumina Refining.

Callide Mine in the Callide Basin, Central Queensland, 20 kilometres north east of Biloela adjacent to the Callide Power Station; and 120 kilometres south west of the expanding port of Gladstone.  Conventional open cut mining methods are employed, using two large draglines, haul trucks and excavators fleets.
The 2011-15 saleable production at Callide averaged 7.5Mtpa, supplying domestic and export customers.

LEASE SIZE: 180 square kilometres.The Mining Tenure covers approximately 180km2 containing a coal resource of up to 1.7 Billion tonnes.Callide_1.jpg

HISTORY: Mining commenced in 1944 when Thiess Bros amalgamated several leases held by various owners into the one mining company.

After more than 40 years of operation by Anglo America; Batchfire Resources Pty Ltd bought the mine in 2016. Batchfire Resources are currently working towards securing approval for the Boundary Hill South project which, if approved, will be managed as part of the Callide operation. The existing Boundary Hill operation has a limited life span with resources expected to be exhausted by early 2018. The successful approval and construction of the Boundary Hill South project will allow the mine to continue to provide local employment opportunities for local business and maintain continuous coal supply to our existing customers.
Callide mine aims to maintain a sustainable environment and exceeds the high standards expected by the community and regulators.

Queensland Nitrate Plant Moura:

Queensland Nitrates’ fully integrated ammonium nitrate facility west if Biloela on the Dawson Highway;  near Moura in Central Queensland; is designed to produce 210,000 tonnes per year of explosive grade ammonium nitrate, and provides a strategic resource to help sustain the competitiveness of Queensland’s mining industry.

Queensland Nitrate Pty Ltd (QNP) is a standalone 50/50 joint venture by Dyno Nobel and CSBP (Wesfarmers). Dyno Nobel was acquired by Incitec Pivot Pty Ltd in 2008.
The QNP plant comprises three core state of the art process units, with an additional emulsion plant run by Dyno Nobel:
– Ammonia Plant: 254 tonnes per day of Ammonia for the manufacture of ammonium nitrate. All ammonia produced by QNP is used on site.
– Nitric Acid Plant: 525 tonnes per day of nitric acid is produced for the production of ammonium nitrate.
– Ammonium Nitrate Plant: Two ammonium nitrate products are produced onsite, prilled ammonium nitrate and ansol (liquid ammonium nitrate used for the production of emulsion), All of QNP’s products are for the coal mining industry.

The QNP facility employs 75 full time personnel with many people having jobs involved with all three core plants.

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