Welcome to Biloela Enterprise and Biloela Central Queensland

Biloela Enterprise Association Inc      Known as “BE”.  

BE is the lead volunteer community organization based in Biloela which monitors; assesses; plans; lobbys; advocates; & implements; issues; ideas & suggestions that maintains and improves the liveability and lifestyle of Biloela & surrounds.

Contact :     ebai@biloela.com       or     Biloela Enterprise    facebook page….

We are proud to call Biloela the “capital” and administrative centre of the Banana Shire, situated in the fertile Callide Valley; Central Queensland.

                                     Population approximately 6200.

Whilst in Biloela, take the opportunity to immerse yourself in some of the “Simple Pleasures” we have to offer.  

                                  Biloela Brochure – Revised 6.11.14
We invite you to

Explore our cultural roots and pioneering heritage, discover the diversity of our industries, immerse yourself in our rural landscapes; and see the natural wonders on offer. 

Indulge in our local lifestyle and enjoy the many leisure activities we have on offer. 

Biloela – the hub of the Banana Shire –      

                          Where you will “Be Surprised” at what you find.     Footer_logo


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