Photographs illustrating the industries of the Biloela, Queensland area, including cotton, grain, cattle grazing, coal, red claw crayfish, Teys Bros, Anglo Coal Callide Mine, and CS Energy.


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Location:  The
Banana Shire is a rich farming, grazing and mining region in Central Queensland.  It is  bounded by the Rockhampton Regional Council, Gladstone Regional Council, Central Highlands Regional Council, and South Burnett Regional Council.  The Shire has easy access to the city of Rockhampton, and the growing Industrial City and Port of Gladstone.  It has rail and road links to both these cities, and is serviced by the Leichhardt, Dawson and Burnett Highways, which provide roads links to Brisbane.  As well, the Shire has Qantas air services Sunday to Friday, into the Thangool Aerodrome, and public road transport is provided by Greyhound Australia (operated by Kynoch Coaches) and Callide Coaches.

Banana Shire is sparsely populated, with its population of 15 626 people spread over 28 577 square kilometres.  The main population centre is the town of Biloela (population 5,752), with Moura and Theodore being two other significant urban centres in the Shire.  Banana, Baralaba, Dululu, Goovigen, Jambin, Thangool, Wowan, Cracow and Taroom are other smaller population centres.  Of the 28,577 square kilometres, only 27 square kilometres is urbanised. 

Whilst Biloela is the main population centre, the other villages and towns throughout the Shire have their own individual characteristics and are interdependent on each other.

Industry:  Coal mining, beef production, power generation, dryland cropping and irrigation cropping (mainly cotton and lucerne) are the Shire’s major industries.  Teys Bros, on the outskirts of Biloela, along with a variety of small businesses provide major employment for this community and the surrounding area.  Moura mine produces export coal through the Gladstone Port, and Callide Coalfields provide fuel for the Callide Power Station and also the Gladstone Power Station.

The former Callide A Power Station is the site for the Geosequestration Research Project.  This project  is an Australian-Japanese cooperation looking at the different aspects of retrofitting a coal fired power plant with an oxy-combustion boiler.

Queensland Nitrates have constructed an Ammonium Nitrate plant at Moura.  This plant uses coalbed methane from the Moura area, as well as gas from the State Gas Pipeline to produce ammonium nitrate for use in mines (mainly in Central Queensland).  Moura Mine and Oil Company of Australia extract coalbed methane from the coal seams in the  oura/Theodore area.

Resources:  The area is rich in natural resources, with extensive undeveloped coal deposits in the Theodore and Baralaba areas.  There are abundant supplies of coalbed methane, which could be utilised for power production and other industrial uses.
A variety of soil types suitable for the production of a wide range of crops, together with land suitable for beef cattle breeding and fattening, give the Shire enormous agricultural potential, with further  potential for processing and value-adding.
Numerous natural and man-made attractions, together with the Shire’s location close to the Great Barrier Reef, make the Shire an ideal tourist destination.

Tourism:  The Banana Shire has many natural attractions, including gorges, rivers and National Parks e.g. Kroombit, Isla Gorge and Exhibition National Parks, Mt Scoria Conservation Park; together with man made attractions such as the SILO (Biloela’s primary industries exhibition), Kroombit Tourist Park, Myella Farmstay, mines, power stations and other industrial development.  Many towns in the Shire have a rich history, which has been well documented in historical villages and museums.

The Dawson River and Callide Dam provide opportunities for fishing and recreation, and there are enormous opportunities for indigenous based tourism packages.

Future Infrastructure:  The inland rail link announced in November 2008 will deliver untapped opportunities throughout the Shire, further strengthening the links from  southern Australian States to this central Queensland region, and onto the Port of Gladstone.

Opportunities for Small Business in the CBD of Biloela:  The variety of small businesses is strong in and around Biloela, but there are opportunities for new businesses’ sites.  Contact Ray White Biloela, First National Real Estate Biloela in Biloela, and the Biloela Shoppingworld Management.

Stage II Broadway Circle (lease opportunities) in Callide Street, Biloela: contact Andrew Schulz Project Manager

Vacant Residential Land and Houses:  contact Ray White Biloela and First National Real Estate Biloela in Biloela, or view their respective websites, see links above.

  Studies which have been undertaken in Biloela include:
(copies of these studies are available on CD or hard copy, from the Banana Shire Council:   Costs apply, a price list can be obtained from Council.)

Gladstone Hinterland Regional Growth Centre Scoping study – 2001

Biloela Economic Development Strategy -2002

Banana Shire Affordable Housing Study – 2002

Banana Shire Tourism Development Plan – 2003

Enterprise Biloela Assoc. Inc. Strategic Plan 2004

Management & Development of Recreation, Tourism & Economic Growth Opportunities at Lake Callide – 2004

Banana Shire Corporate Plan – 2004 – 2009

Our Town Biloela-  Community Development Plan – 2005

Banana Shire Sport & Recreation Facility Audit & Needs Study – 2005

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