Winning as a  ‘Satellite’ town

The liveability of Biloela is about more than just the sum of its parts:

• A sustainable population of more than 6,000 people; projected to remain stable
• An impressive range of employment, health, sporting and cultural facilities for a rural community
• Real lifestyle opportunities in one of the best sub-tropical climates in Australia;
• Affordable housing and industrial land;          
• Strong community and social networks;
• Central location on the cross roads of Burnett and Dawson Highways and easy accessibility with road, and daily air networks.
• Available water at Callide and Kroombit Dams
• A resilient economy; due to its multifaceted industry makeup
Winning as a Satellite town:
• Biloela is a ‘satellite town’ to Gladstone and Rockhampton and proudly so.
• Being second or ‘satellite’ does not mean second rung or second place; it means Biloela enjoys all of the benefits of being within arm’s reach of these 2 cities; but free from the constraints of big city living.
• It means being grounded by Biloela’s own rich legacies, yet experiencing the freedom that comes from being surrounded by open space and open air.
• More than that, it is about having the unbridled ability to think clearly and create a life with wellness at its core.
• Is less congested, has lower real estate costs and appealing environments and quality of life.

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List of Businesses in Biloela:       Copy of Bilo Businesses updated 21.02.17

Recent economic change has demonstrated the need for a future strategic direction in for Biloela that enables businesses and the community to transform the economic, environmental and social prospects.
Efforts to shape this future direction can benefit from a sound understanding of Biloela’s current conditions and context and from the experiences of other satellite towns that have undergone similar adjustments and transformations. As a satellite town Biloela is unique but not alone.