Who is Biloela Enterprise Inc?

     Biloela Enterprise (B.E.) is a Progress and Promotion Group.

  • BE investigates; plans and implements issues or ideas with the aim to improve the liveability; lifestyle; investment; sustainability and growth opportunities for Biloela.
  • affiliated with the Capricornia Chamber of Commerce and the Queensland Chamber of Commerce.

• The Board consists of 13 Directors, and is supported on a day to day basis by an Executive of 4 Directors comprising President; Vice President; Secretary; Treasurer.

• The Board meets on the last Tuesday of each month.

• B.E. is represented on numerous Boards; Community Committees, Local Government committees and other organisations. From time to time Directors are asked to fill these positions and report back to the Board.

• B.E. seeks to increase the population of Biloela to 10,000 by 2030, and in pursuing this objective, it considers such growth to be dependent on more jobs coming from expansion of existing industries and attraction of new industry.

  • A ‘Grow Biloela’ initiative in conjunction with an actionable achievable Economic Development Strategy is a current project and commitment.

Tourism is considered an important growth industry and B.E. auspices the

                                    Biloela   Tourism Group

  • Health services in our community is important so Biloela Enterprise Inc auspices                  Biloela Health System Action Group   (BSAG)  an advocacy group.

• B.E. seeks to identify gaps in services and infrastructure in Biloela and the Callide Valley and endeavours to fill the gaps i.e The Biloela Medical Centre; Callide Street upgrade and more.

The annual Biloela Christmas Festival held the last Saturday of November; is a major event hosted by Biloela Enterprise

       Biloela Enterprise encourages you to contact any of the Board members

or  President Di Morris   0418738092  or Secretary Rosemary Munroe -0417619036.