Biloela Enterprise sponsored the Biloela Medical Centre

Biloela Enterprise owns and maintains as a business and community website 24/7. This website actively supports community, not for profit groups, organizations, sporting clubs and community events information and news items…free of charge.

Biloela Enterprise maintains an office at Shop 3A, 58 Kariboe Street, Biloela.

B E is your local Chamber of Commerce, affiliated with the Capricornia Chamber of Commerce and the Queensland Chamber of Commerce, and is a member of Gladstone Area Promotion and Development Limited.

Biloela Enterprise partners with Banana Shire Council and other Shire Chamber of Commerce and community organisations to deliver projects such as:


  • The Banana Shire Water Summit Morning Session
  • Banana Shire Industry Summit Breakfast and AM Chairman –Ongoing
  • Biloela Enterprise is the lead agency to deliver the Biloela Medical Centre.
  • Biloela Enterprise provided office administration support for the Nation Building Social Housing Project – $4.2M project.
  • Is the lead agency in co-coordinating the Biloela Tourism Strategy Group and has led the development of the Biloela Tourism brochure- Ongoing
  • Biloela Enterprise is an email information distribution centre to an extensive network of businesses and residents. Ongoing
  • Obtained funding for a Q150 Celebration Sculpture for Melton Park.
  • Obtained Blueprint for the Bush funding for the Callide Melton Sts. Concept Development Plan – current
  • Obtained RADF Funding for a Biloela Cultural Heritage Trail – Current.
  • Provides Letters of Support to community groups and organizations –Ongoing
  • Provides representation to other community organizations, including Banana Shire Council, as business and community representatives- ongoing.
  • Developed the Biloela logo – the white cockatoo for the use of Banana Shire Council and Biloela organisations to promote the Biloela brand.
  • Total funding for community infrastructure developments attracted by B E – $598,000