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Biloela Enterprise is a volunteer; not-for-profit; proactive and progressive organisation that works closely with business and industry groups, council and other key industry bodies and stakeholders to promote economic prosperity, life style amenity and growth in Biloela and Callide Valley.

Established in 2003; Biloela Enterprise (B.E.) is the lead Progress and Promotion Group for Biloela and surrounds. 

The Board consists of 13 prominent business and community leaders, and  is supported on a day to day basis by an Executive of 4 Directors comprising President; Vice President;  Secretary; Treasurer.

B.E. seeks to increase the population of Biloela to 10,000 by 2030, and in pursuing this objective, it considers such growth to be dependent on more jobs coming from expansion of existing industries and attraction of new industry.

Agriculture; Large Industry; our Business and service Industries; and Tourism providers are crucial to maintain and grow Biloela. 

B.E. seeks to identify gaps in services and infrastructure in Biloela and the Callide Valley and endeavours to fill the gaps.

Our Strategic Plan includes vibrant new ideas for Biloela in to the future, and a visual upgrading of B.E to maintain a fresh and vibrant image.

Your sponsorship is financially valuable to B.E. and also to your organisation to show your support for this unique and committed organisation that dedicates its time and energy to growing Biloela’s population and amenity, providing an increasing workforce; living happily in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Much has been done by Biloela Enterprise! There is still much to be done and we need your support.

A Sponsorship Form is available on request to the Secretary.

Please feel free to discuss Sponsorshop Benefits and your requirements as well as any questions you  may have about Biloela Enterprise  by contacting

President Di Morris  0418738092  

or Secretary :